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catalog vs favorite/browse



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Catalogs give you the ability to search and view beyond just the one folder you are currently Browsing. If a folder has been Cataloged you can turn on the option to Show Sub-folder Contents which does just that, it shows all the images from that folder and all its sub-folders in a single window.

    When using Advanced Search to find photos the same thing holds true - you can search beyond just the one folder you are currently viewing. Catalogs are basically a metadata database to help you find your photos.

    See page 29 in the User Guide. It covers all three panels starting there and there is a section DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MY CATALOGS AND BROWSE TABS that goes into more detail.

  • Robert Deskin

    Thank you for the fast reply. That helps. And I will re-read that section of the manual.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    I have catalogued most of the folders where I keep my images. In some cases I have catalogued folders with several subfolders. To speed up access to these I have added some of the subfolders as Favourites. Plus I have made system folders like Desktop and Downloads into Favourites without cataloguing them.

    There is a preference in General section called Legacy Browse Tab. This puts Favourites and Catalogued Folders in same column. Sections can be collapsed so I normally just keep Favourites open and Catalogued Folders closed.

    That way I get the advantages of having folders catalogued without having to catalogue a lot of individual subfolders but have quick access to the key subfolders via Favourites list.

    Works well for me.


  • Robert Deskin

    Thanks for the reply. That also helps. I'll have to try both current and legacy.


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