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Question about editing workflow - Perfect Eraser



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Not sure which JPG you're referring to. If you're starting with a RAW and identical JPG of the same image, they will both need to be edited separately however in Photo Raw you may be able to do one and copy the edits to the other.

    If you're referring to the exported JPG made from a RAW, no, once you edit the RAW and remove the lines the exported image will match that.

  • Steve Schneer


    Sorry I wasn't entirely clear...I store my photos in RAW (DNG) and make my edits on those.  I then (as necessary) export shots to JPG, for sharing, posting, printing, etc...

    I noticed that I made some edits on a DNG (specifically Magic Eraser, removing power lines from the sky in a shot), and the powerlines were "back" in the JPG(of that same DNG shot) when I exported for printing/sharing...That's kind of why I asked...I thought it was a bit strange but wanted to ask.  (v2023.1 if it matters)

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    No, the exported image is supposed to be the same as the edits that you've made. 

    If you're getting errors on your exported image, you can try comparing a foreground export to a background export. Foreground doesn't use the GPU*, so if it works and BG doesn't, you may have a problem with the GPU.

    Just in case, if you're on Windows you should make sure your drivers are up to date...

    * I might have that backwards


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