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Graphics Card older iMac




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It does meet the minimum requirements but is less than what is suggested. The program should work OK but it could be slow. 2GB of VRAM is barely cutting it these days and most folks are finding that 4GB is a more realistic minimum.

    I'd suggest giving 2023 a trial. 2022 will be left in place if you choose not to get it. Anything you edit in 2023 you might want to give a keyword to (2023 comes to mind) as the edits won't be backwards compatible if you make use of any of the new features. The keyword would allow you to identify those photo for reediting or as a remind why 2022 won't work on them.

  • Richard

    Thanks Brian

  • Gilles Subias

    In PR 2023 you can select the processor you use (Intel, M1...); of course it don't concern the graphic card, but may help ?


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