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Simple 20 second fix to update issue that I hate.




  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    You don't have to update in place, you can always dismiss the dialog and download it at your leisure.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There are so many places to download the updates starting with the "Trial" version you can download from the ON1 home page. Trial only means you haven't signed into it yet. Once you do that the 14 day limitation is removed.

    You can go to your account page. Go to the ON1 home page and click the far right icon and select Products. Everything you've ever purchased is shown with a link to the most current version for downloading.

    Finally, go to the Knowledge Base with one of the links at the top and bottom of this page and click on the Release Notes and Download link for the latest version. There are download links near the top of the page.

  • Kye Wood

    Gerry and Brian, you're missing the point.

    I understand that you have presented other options for downloading from different locations. And, that the other locations will have the latest version of the program there. Yep. Got it.

    But what you don't seem to get, is that (shock horror) some other programs out there offer the update prior to updating their websites other links to the program. So a persons expectation of getting the latest version may be different to yours. Not every photographer is a power user.

    And given that ON1 doesn't include a version number in the exe filename, it makes what version you are downloading opaque.

    So, back to my suggestion. Add a single line in the Update info window that appears, to show the URL where you can also directly download the file. Or alternatively, make them go find it. I'm sure, like me, they'll find having to do that, annoying - and avoidable.

    And while you're at it, sort your 'Export with preset...' submenu alphabetically. Having your presets appear in a random order is something most people would see every time they use the program. How does that pass QC/release testing? Tough love - it looks shabby. And I've never seen that issue in any other program I've ever used.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    "And given that ON1 doesn't include a version number in the exe filename, it makes what version you are downloading opaque." The version number is given in the download link. Yes, I know it doesn't jump right out at you but now you know. I always add it to the installer file after it finishes downloading. (I never update through the program; I want to have that installer in case I have to install again.)

    We do not work for the company and we have no control over this. We are only users like yourself. These forums are meant for users to help each other and the company rarely shows up here. They do have the ON1 Photo RAW Project page where we can make suggestions like these. The company uses it to decide on new features and changes for coming versions.

  • Kye Wood

    Gerry and Brian, my sincere apologies to you both.

    Given how knowledgeable and helpful your posts were, I mistakenly thought that you were members of the product team.

    I have made suggestions in the appropriate place before. The reply was along the lines of 'We can't see how that's a problem for a user?'.

    Again, sorry.


    Kind regards,


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It's no problem Kye. It happens frequently that we are thought to be employees.

    When they tell you they don't see how it's "a problem for a user", _show_ them how it is a problem for you. Convince them of the need for your proposed fix for other users too. I've been able to change their minds about fixing something in the past by being politely persistent. Not always but it's worth a shot.


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