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On 1Photo Raw 23 does not work in its Printer module with my Epson P5000. ???


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    How are you using the Epson Print Layout app? Have you installed its Photoshop plug-in? Although, that may not work. Not all of them are compatible and I don't know about that one in particular.

    I would think you should be able to Export a .psd or .tif file from PR and just open that in the EPL program to be printed. It is also possible you could streamline that somewhat by using the Send to… command under the File menu. You'll have to chose the Other Application option the first time you do it. After that there should be a new command in the Send to section to send directly to it.

    How Send To works depends upon your Preferences > Files settings. You can choose a default file type to be exported automatically or you can set it so the Save dialog is presented each time allowing you to choose the file format at that time.



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