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I I move my Lightroom image files to ON1, what will ON1 do with my Lightroom .dng files?


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Your files will not be touched if you migrate from Lightroom to Photo RAW. PR is designed around a file browser concept. Unlike Lr where you must import your files into a Library, PR will see them wherever they live on your file system. The migration process will look at the edits you've made there and create a new .on1 file with edits to match your Lr edits. The files themselves will not be touched or moved anywhere.

    The Knowledge Base has a couple of articles on the migration process and how to use it that may answer more of your questions. If not, ask again. :) 

    Lightroom Migration Tool - ON1 Photo RAW

    The Official ON1 Guide to Leaving Adobe Lightroom


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