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App Associations




  • Lou Gross

    I can reproduce your issue on my Wind 10 system.  However I DO have ON1 show up in the list of installed programs.

    There IS a way around this. Use Windows Explorer (or an other file manager). Select the file you want to open with ON1 (for example ANY file of that type like a JPG).  RIGHT click on the file and choose Properties.  Select General.  Near the top you will see Opens With. To the right of that, click on the box that says Change. Scroll down. If ON1 is not in the list (which it probably won't be) click on the "More Apps" text.  Scroll down.  You should see ON1 in that list.  You can then select it. If it is not on that list, at the bottom of the list click on the text that says "Look for another App on this PC".  A window will open allowing you to find the ON1 (ON1 Photo RAW 2023.exe) click on it.  You may now have to go back and start the process above over again. But this time ON1 should be on the list either in the More Apps section or in the "Look for another App on this PC" section.  You can now associate ON1 with that file type.  OR at least that is what I had to do to accomplish that on my system.


  • Harvey Neal

    Thanks. That did the trick for me.


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