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Date is changed



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    You're  not saying which method you're using to send the photo, however, I may see the problem.

    On my tests, if I send the original RAW to Topaz Photo AI, Topaz creates a new file with the current date.

    If instead I send a copy with settings applied, Topaz updates that file and the resulting file has the original date but a different time stamp on it. On further testing, I find that if you use this method, but cancel the external edit so that nothing is changed, the copy made by Photo RAW still has the incorrect time stamp on it. In my tests, it was off by 6 hours consistently.

    If you're able to document the steps to illustrate the problem, you should send them in to ON1 tech support to look at.

  • Lou Gross

    I had a similar issue but not with ON1.  The clue in my case was that the time was always off by 2 hours.  I found that one of the programs was using PST and I am in the CST zone.  A 6 hour difference could represent GMT versus CST time zones (depending on the time of year that DST cuts in).  Not sure where this difference could be adjusted in the software being used in your situation.


  • Tino Korn

    I choose: Send to Color Efex Pro - as a copy with the settings applied. Now a copy is generated and Color Efex is opened.
    And this copy has a different recording date like the original. Exactly -2h. (I wrote beforehand 1h, was a mistake by mine, it's -2h). Already that I moved a controller in Color Efex or the picture returned to On1. Only the creation of the copy changes the recording date by -2h.

    Before the last update of On1, I had the problem with the renaming of photos. The recording date should be written there in the new file names. Then it also wrote a time offset in the file name. But this now works after the update.

    It may have something to do with the time zones.


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