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Problem backup restore



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I've never done a restore and all I know about it is in this article.

    I'd suggest you contact ON1 support for a more detailed answer.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    On1 showed me a window with countless folders that cannot be found.… Have you restored your photos to their original locations yet? If not, the paths used by the internal databases cannot be found or followed to connect the DB to the original image so you get the message asking you to locate that item.

    Before the Windows and On1 reinstallation, I moved the on1 cache… Which cache did you move? There are more than one. If you are talking about the PerfectBrowseCache you can short circuit the process. I just wrote a procedure for this a couple of days ago.

    IF you ever have to move the PBC back to your Scratch volume you can do the following to shortcut the process and avoid having to rebuild the entire thing.

    1. Make sure that Photo RAW is not running after insuring that the Preferences still point to your Scratch drive.
    2. Rename the PerfectBrowseCache folder on your Scratch drive. I used PBC.
    3. Relaunch the program then Quit it again. This will create a new PerfectBrowseCache folder on the Scratch volume and link it to the program. Trash it.
    4. Rename the original PBC back to PerfectBrowseCache.

    When you relaunch the program everything will be back as it was.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Brian, do you have a document with this procedure ? I can add it to the tips list.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, I don’t. Just copy/paste from here. Sorry.

  • Tino Korn

    I had to reinstall Windows again because of problems.
    And thus also on1.
    Either I don't understand it or backup and recovery are not good.

    In On1 I had moved the cache for the PerfectbrowSecache from Standard: C/User/Appdata/Roaming/On1 to another SSD F/Files/On1.
    After the PerfectbrowSecache was moved to F/Files/On1, I had the cataloged folders created. This took about 6 hours on my system.
    The PerfectbrowSecache folder has grown to 121GB.
    Now I have created a backup in On1.

    Now reinstall Windows and On1.
    ON1 open and on the point "Restore data". This apparently worked and was shown to me as successful.
    Now I still see how the path of the PerfectbrowSecache is.
    And it is again standard C/user/Appdata/Roaming/On1. Why didn't on1 enter the path f/files/on1 on the recovery, where the PerfectbrowSecache actually is.
    Apparently a changed path of the PerfectbrowSecache is not included in the backup.
    But you also have no way to manually correct the changed path of the PBC, so that on1 accesses the cache in my case 121GB.
    So now I can have the PBC recovered again for hours.
    Am very disappointed.
    As long as on1 runs and no backup and recovery is used, everything is fine. But if you need it ……
    Backup and recovery are important to me for every program to be equipped in the event.
    But here. Or I make a mistake. But I don't think. I also found an entry from the PBC path somewhere in any file. Otherwise I would have tried to adjust it manually.

    I dated that this works: Moving the PBC folder manually into the previously deleted PBC folder under C/User/Appdata/On1/PerfectbrowSecache.
    But does not work. My catalogized folders are not shown whether the data is now in C/User/Appdata/On1/PerfectbrowSecache.



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The backup/restore does not change your Preferences settings. When you reinstalled the OS and Photo RAW those settings returned to their default values. In this case I would have launched Photo RAW, reset my Preferences for the program, Quit the program and relaunched it, then run the Restore. All the Backup feature does is zip some of the folders at C:\Users\<user>\Roaming\App Data\ON1 (your user data for the program). It creates an .onbackup file but that is just a different extension for the .zip file it actually is.

    "But you also have no way to manually correct the changed path of the PBC, so that on1 accesses the cache in my case 121GB.
    So now I can have the PBC recovered again for hours.
    " I explained in my previous post how you can short circuit the process and reuse your existing PerfectBrowseCache so it doesn't have to be rebuilt.

  • Tino Korn

    I don't really understand your instructions.
    1. "Make sure that Photo RAW is not carried out after you have ensured that the settings are still pointing to your Scratch drive."
      What do you still mean by these settings on your Scratch drive? What do you mean by Scratch drive?
    2. Rename PBC folder to C/User/Appdate/On1? Correct?
    3. Then I start and bend on1 and the PBC folder will be created again. OK.
    4. Then I delete this newly created PBC folder under C/User/Appdate/On1. And rename the previously renamed folder (in your PBC case) back into PerfectbrowSecache. I don't understand the meaning here. Why should I now have access to my actual previously changed path f/data/on1 in which the 121GB PBC folder is located?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    1) It isn't "carried". It is "still point to."Make sure that Photo RAW is not running after insuring that the Preferences still point to your Scratch drive."

    Another way to say this is open the program, verify and change if necessary, your Preferences settings. In particular where the PerfectBrowseCache is located. Set it to your external drive.

    2) No! Read it again. I cannot say it any more clearly. "Rename the PerfectBrowseCache folder on your Scratch drive. I used PBC."

    If you try to Move the PerfectBrowseCache to a location where one already exists the program won't let you and will give you an error message telling you so. This process allows the program to go ahead and create the new PerfectBrowseCache where the old one still exists. By renaming the existing folder the program can create the new folder and knows to use it and where to find it. At this point you Quit the program, delete the newly created copy, then rename the old one back to PerfectBrowseCache. When you relaunch the program everything will now be in place so it can continue to use the old cache and not have to go through the process of recreating it from scratch.

    I may have confused things some when I talked about the Scratch drive. I have an external drive for the Scratch space. I put my PerfectBrowseCache folder on that drive too. You will want to point it to your other SSD. Here are my Preferences > System settings.


  • Tino Korn

    I did it like this:
    1. On1 started - Settings - System - Space location of the SRATCH Folder postponed
    2. to D/databases…./On1/PerfectbrowSecache renamed PerfectbrowSecache.old (which includes the 121GB)
    3. On1 - Settings - System - Move cache to
    4. On1 closed and restarted
    5. Under D/databases…./On1Cache/PerfectbrowSecache, new PerfectbrowSecache folder was created
    6. Close on1
    7. Under D/Databases…./On1Cache/PerfectbrowSecache delete the new PerfectbrowSecache and rename the previously renamed PerfectbrowSecache.old into PerfectbrowSecache
    8. Open on1
    9. But no catalogized folders and no previews

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm not sure what to tell you then Tim, I'm sorry. I used the process I described a couple of weeks ago after needing to Reset the program. It was the first time I've tried it and it worked for me.

    I'm going to refer you to technical support for more help.

    How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

  • Tino Korn

    I think I did it right according to your instructions.
    Anyways thanks for your help!


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