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Freeze when trying to restore backup.



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Only tech support would know what that message means. You should contact them about it.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Have you checked to see if the restore actually completed? I've seen the program hang on the Restore/Backup dialog requiring a Force Quit to get out of it. When the program was relaunched it turns out that the process that hung had in fact finished and it was just the cleanup of getting rid of that dialog that hadn't finished running to completion. I have always been able to continue on with my work when this has happened to me.

    Force Quitting a program can lead to corrupted settings files. It won't hurt to try the Delete Settings File function just to be certain they are all fine.

  • Tony Collins

    Thanks for your reply.

    It didn't complete. The progress bar goes to about 25% then the dialog pops up. On1 freezes. No response to cancel on the dialog, and nothing else can be done. Leaving for up to 1/2 hour doesn't help.

    After force quit, then On1 is unstable with frequent crashes, and the inability to edit some images at all.

    Deleting the setting file does not help, nor does a full reset of on1 2023. The only fix for the instability I've found is to fully delete ON1, and re-install.

    Anyway I have an open ticket with On1- but in order to give them the logs they require, I'm going to have to break my installation again. Not sure I'm prepared to do that.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There is something going on with your system and it will most likely require the log files to figure it out. The backup that Photo RAW creates is just a .zip file of certain elements inside your ~/Library/Application Support/ON1/ user data folder. The Restore feature simply unzips those files back to those folders. Unzipping files shouldn't cause the kinds of problems you are experiencing.

    Do you have other programs running while you use Photo RAW? Does running PR by itself help? If so there could be a conflict between something in the background and PR.

    Another thing to try is starting the backup before you go to be and letting it run all night. Maybe 30 minutes isn't enough time for some reason.

    BTW, you can copy that ~/Library/Application Support/ON1 folder from your old system to your new system directly and that should get you back up and running.

  • Tony Collins

    Thanks all for your replies.

    I'm currently getting back up and running by rebuilding catalogs. I'd spent a lot of time scanning for AI keywords, and had thought these wouldn't come across without a database restore. But they are doing - so must be in the .on1 files.

    All is good (for now)


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