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missing edited pics in "album"



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Alex,

    The first thing we need to do is make sure we are on the same page about "Albums". The Albums that are created in Photo RAW do not contain any actual images. They are virtual collections of pointers to where the images that are added to them actually reside on your hard drive. They do not have any physical location on your system. Because you did your editing on an SD card then added those edited images to albums, when the SD card was removed from the system the program could no longer find them and so could not display them in any Album they may have been added to.

    Are those photos still on that SD card? What happens if you mount that card on your system. Does the program find them then?

    Would you mind posting the link to my post please? I don't remember any problems with Albums. I do remember a problem were edits were disappearing from images. That has been fixed but it had nothing to do with Albums.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    The album (the std one, not the smart one) only contains links to the photo on your hard drive. There is no actual image in the album. So if you move the image, the link gets broken and the image disappears from the album.

    Best practice says, you should not be editing photos that are still on the SD card. They should be moved to a hard drive, either internal or external, where they will stay if you plan to use catalogs and/or albums.

  • Sandra Vigh

    Thank you gentlemen. The post I am quoting I cannot seem to locate now. I am referring to edited images from a catalogue which were transferred to an album in ON 1 and then some of these edited photos disappeared which was disturbing especially if one has spent hours post processing. Based on your comments, is there any reason to use "albums"?  I like to organize trip photos for photo books. What is your approach for that to ensure there are no issues with "lost" or disappearing" photos. I appreciate your expertise.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You're still having some problems with terminology which might be confusing things for you. You said, "I am referring to edited images from a catalogue which were transferred to an album…" Transferred implies that they were moved from one place to another. That never happens with Albums. Images are "added" to them. The image file does not get moved anywhere. It remains in its original location and a link to that location is what gets placed into the Album. This is what I meant when I said they are "virtual collections" - they do not have any physical presence or location within your system. The exist only within one of the program's databases.

    When an image which has been added to an Album gets moved, that linkage gets broken. The virtual link in the Album now points to nowhere so that entry gets removed from the Album.

    I use only 1 actual Album these days and it is used just for temporary things to make things easier for me in the Browser. It isn't a permanent album; images are added and removed as needed.

    Because Resetting the program will cause the loss of all Albums we started adding a Keyword to each image in the Album. That Keyword is the Album's name. That way it is easy to rebuild them after a reset by searching for that keyword and dragging everything found into a new Album. Now that we have Smart Albums all that is needed is to save the Keyword search criteria into a Smart Album. Adding the album name Keyword to the image automatically adds it to that Smart Album. No dragging is needed.


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