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Low budget video card



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    There is no point researching cards in my area. The price will be different and I don't know your budget. I'd suggest that you look up a couple of computer stores near you and see what's available. You don't want the cheapest one since it will be outdated in no time. To make it last a while, I would first look for a card with minimum 4gig of RAM and then get the best one that you can afford.

    Yes, there is a new paid version every Nov/Dec and there are 2 or 3 free updates within the year.

    Note: Be careful to check the power requirements before buying the new card, some of the more powerful cards may need a powerful power supply as well. Make sure your card works for you.

  • Vinny Giannino

    I'll second everything that Rick said but will say I would recommend at least 8 Gb just for future proofing the card for a little while. I understand you're on a budget but there also comes a time that using modern software requires a modern machine. I have an AMD RX 580 which is on the older side (came out in 2017) and it works OK, I can't say if it's a budget video card at a selling price around $350.

    Like Rick said, the power requirements of any newer card may exceed your power supply.

  • Keith Reeder

    It would help if you'd say where on the planet you live, Christian - I could recommend an RX580, available brand new, for around £90 (I use one myself) but there's not much point if I live in the UK and you live in the Philippines...

  • Carl Traub


    You also didn't mention what you've got for a video card now.  Do you have a standalone card, or is it integrated into the motherboard?

    The Vulcan error can be caused by outdated video card drivers. Have you upgraded to the latest version for you card?

  • Arbie

    Hi Christian, everything in this forum is public so it is generally recommended that you do not post personal info such as where you live.

    You'll get excellent advice from Rick and Brian and others about the technical considerations insofar as Photo Raw is concerned but as Rick suggests, you would be well served by checking with trusted computer stores near by for advice suited to your particular needs and budget. 


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