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Ad Free Nik Collection On Mac With Recent OS



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Thanks Duncan. You should be able to copy each of those images from your PDF and paste them into place above.

  • Gianni Sarasso

    Thank you,

     I've downloaded DMG file and opened as suggested.

    Color efex pro4 works, but it does not seem to be free. A popup window offers 15 days demo, and the BUY option

  • Duncan McEwan

    I did a initial quick and dirty test of Silver Efex when I was loading all of these. If you click the DEMO option you can load a file, make changes, save the file and exit. The saved file will not have a History when re-opened - I knew this would happen and for got to mention it in the text here. There is another issue, the next time you try to use any app and click DEMO the 'Beach Ball' will appear and you have to 'force quit'. After a force quit the apps seem to reload again. So the sequence becomes: Load - Click Demo - Work - Save - Exit - Load Again - Click Demo - Force Quit - Repeat. When all is said and done this works with difficulty, but if DXO would sell individual apps for a reasonable price or the entire bundle for $50 I would probably spend the money.


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