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ON1 2022 speed versus 2023




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm guessing you are running an M1 iMac? How much RAM does it have?

    When you say you are using an SSD do you mean an external drive or the built in boot SSD?

    What other programs do you leave running while you use Photo RAW? Do you get better performance when you run it by itself?

    Does restarting the computer help? (Still running Photo RAW only.)

  • Irwin Maloff

    M1 Mac 16 gig memory

    Browse cache and scratch folder on external SSD

    No other programs running when using Photo Raw

    Restarting doesn't help and no other programs running 

    When using Photo Raw 2022 performance is much better.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    2022 is not doing all the AI analysis when the file is loaded that 2023 is doing. 2023 looks at the RAW data to create all the AI masks before the data gets demosaiced into a viewable/displayable image. That takes time. You can't expect 2023 to open files as quickly as 2022 does.

    I run an M1 mini w/ 16GB of RAM as well. It does take a couple of seconds when opening a file before I can start using it but I rarely see a spinning beachball. That only happens when I'm working with a very large Layered file.

    You might want to talk with tech support about this. How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

  • Irwin Maloff

    Thank you Brian.


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