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Virus Software Impact on ON1 2023



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I use Malware Bytes on my Mac but I have configured it to not scan my Pictures directory. With all the changes made to the sidecar files during editing and working in the Browser it would have an impact on performance as it tries to rescan the same file over and over and over with every write to it. I let it scan that directory when I do a full scan of the system since I'm not editing at that time.

  • Vinny Giannino

    I didn't think C Cleaner was an anti virus program but I haven't used it in a few years so maybe it is now. I have my antivirus excluding ON1 for everything. In the past it did mess around with ON1 and I didn't see a reason for it scanning ON1. If I plug in a thumb drive, SD card, get an email with an attachment or download something the virus software scans them. Not 100% fool proof but so far so good.

    As far as my preferred virus protection I am using Bitdefender free version. It seems to get good marks on websites that talk about these things. Kaspersky is/was good but with the whole Russia vs America thing going on I dropped it.

    In Windows I believe they have always said to only use 1 virus protection program. Apparently the programs can interfere with each other. In the past I have used Malwarebytes as a backup scanner to my active antivirus but I always used the free version and couldn't have it active all the time.

  • Lou Gross

    The built-in antivirus software, Windows Defender (WD), is highly rated and does a good job.  However I also use an additional program because it is better at protecting against malicious emails and websites.  Many IT pros do say that one does not need anything other than that built-in protection.  Any good AV program will NOT interfere with other AV programs - especially WD.

  • Keith Reeder

    1. Does the presence of Anti Virus software on your PC Laptop, (Windows 11) impact the speed of ON1?

    Why don't you tell us, Merle? Turn yours off (or configure it to ignore ON1) and let us know if you see a difference.

    CCleaner isn't an AV app - it's an on-demand "system cleaner", so not relevant to this discussion. 

    Aside from that: Window Defender and personal diligence are all you actually need.


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