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Sony Raw files recognized in ON1, but no longer on Windows Photo Gallery



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    "Is ON1 being affected by what Windows is doing?" No. There isn't any actual color data in a RAW file. The image has to be demosaiced before color or any image at all can be seen. Windows Photo Gallery is doing that job differently than Photo RAW does. Your Photo RAW edits are stored in the .on1 sidecars along with an internal database. Windows has no affect on that.

    "[I]s the picture we see within ON1 represented properly…" Yes.

    "[I]s the ON1 Team…" You'll have to ask them. The company does not follow these discussions. You're talking to other users here.

  • Keith Reeder

    "Lastly, is the ON1 Team following what is happening in Windows and have they reached out to Microsoft to learn what is happening and how they are planning on resolving the issue?"

    What's happening on your machine is not synonymous with what's happening more generally with Windows - there's unlikely to be anything to "reach out" about, because the problem you're experiencing will almost certainly be local to you and your machine.

    Although I'm not a Sony shooter, I can say with absolute confidence that Sony RAW files are visible on my Win 10 machine - like this A1 file I've just downloaded from DPReview:

    The fact that Windows Gallery doesn't support them is nothing to do with On1.

  • Don Maclean

    RAW Image Extension is a Windows 10 (1903 or later) app to view RAW images, make sure you downloaded from the App Store.

    On Windows 11 Photo Viewer displays RAW images correctly.

    File Explorer also previews the embedded thumbnails:



  • Carl Traub

    I shoot Sony a7iii, and I haven't had any issues previewing in Photos on Windows 10. 

    Are you using one of the brand new Sony cameras?  Perhaps it will be a little longer before the drivers for it are released.


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