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Rename and group textures, LUts, etc




  • Daniel Besso

    I would add another related question here... In the meanwhile I was trying to make order among my presets starting from the basics... Just creating for example a single group of presets including all LUTs...

    I created the group in the "manage extras" section, but now it's almost impossible to browse them whiting the presets browser. More in details, I have preset browser set to list (not to preview) but when I click on the newly created LUT group the next page shows all previews (most of them blank) and it's impossible to orientate down there. Screenshots below to better understand what I mean.

    Is there a way to preserve the list type view even when creating groups and sub-groups instead of the pretty useless thumbnail one?

    Thanks a lot


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    In answer to your first post, no, you cannot add new organizational folders to Textures, etc. This is because they are used by the Effects module while Presets are not.

    On the second question, again, no. You cannot reduce the actual preset previews to a simple list. That kind of defeats the purpose of being able to see their affect on our images before actually applying one.

  • Daniel Besso


    Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

    I see the point for the first question. I must disagree with your answer about the second though.

    Let's do an example, looking at my first print screen... There is a category called "Light & Airy" just above LUTs group. At the moment I can see the text description and if I want I can click on the small icon in top left of its row and jump in the preview. So far so good.

    But if I take the "Light & Airy" and I put it into a subgroup (just for example the LUT group that is just below it) the story becomes not consistent anymore. 

    There is not any added value here, nor any hint on how the picture will look afterwards. I will have anyway to click and enter it to display the previews.

    For consistency, if in the main preset section I can choose between thumbnail and list, I should be able to do it within sub folders as well.

    The system does not allow it at the moment? Fine. However my request would no defeat any preview feature as it would be just applying the same rule to parent and child folder.

    Sorry for being quite long and thanks anyway

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm going to refer you to the User Guide. Managing Extras is covered starting on page 9. The LUTs are discussed on page 159.

    "For consistency,…" This is how the program is designed. You'll have to talk with tech support if you think something is broken. If you want to suggest a change to how the program works (is designed!) you'll need to post your suggestion on the Photo RAW Project page. The company will evaluate it and either reject it outright or post it for other users to vote on. When an idea gains enough support the company starts evaluating it for inclusion in a future release. This is where the new Curves changes coming next month originated.

    How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

  • Daniel Besso

    Thanks a lot, I will surely do.



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