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Cropping side-by-side images in a single photo


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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator


    You can only have one crop per project. It doesn't matter how many layers you have, imagine the crop as looking through a window that's hovering above them all. It doesn't matter which layer you adjust the crop on, it will still be applied to the whole thing.

    There are three solutions for your problem:

    1. This is the easiest, crop each photo individually and export them. Use the exported images for your project as the crop will be permanently applied for each image.
    2. Mask the area outside of your crop area on each photo to make it transparent.
    3. Create a layer with transparent holes in it the size that you need, then just adjust your photos under that layer so they show through and will appear to be cropped. The real crop of course will be applied to the whole project to cut off any overhang that there may be from the images.



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