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2023 photo raw



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The fact that plug-ins are sold separately from the program is made abundantly clear all over the website. Contact customer service and ask for a refund and then purchase a plug-in that you want. Use the submit a request Link

  • Keith Reeder

    There's nothing whatsoever to suggest it is a plug-in, either - it surely doesn't show up in the "LightRoom plugins" section of the website:

    In any event, this is precisely why ON1 offers trials of their software - if you'd tested it before buying, you'd have known.

    Owning our decisions just isn't A Thing any more, is it? It's always someone else's fault...


  • Annemarie Lawrence

    i agree, it was my error for not realizing that it wasn't a plug in.  Back in the old days I believe it was only sold as a plug in.  No need to be so rude Keith.  

  • Arbie

    Very understandable assumption, Annemarie, especially if you were an owner of PR prior to 2022, when On1 stopped including the plugins with Photo Raw and made them separate purchases.


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