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Photo RAW 2023.5: Cataloged Folders "broken?"


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    1) This is the problem. You've told the program to examine every single file on that drive looking for any image files it finds regardless of what they are being used for. You want to Catalog just those folders that contain your photos.

    2) Right-click on the Catalog that is being created and choose the Remove Cataloged Folder command. Right now the system is grabbing as much resources as it needs to do the job. This is tying up your hard drive, cpu, gpu, ram and vram. Other programs are having to wait their turn.

    3) That is correct. The entire folder's contents are cataloged. This is why the Show Sub-folder Contents command only works with Cataloged folders.

    4) No. You wouldn't want that anyhow. There's all kinds of cruft in there that doesn't relate to your photos.

    5) No. Turning that feature off will not remove any Keywords, even those the AI has already assigned. It just stops the searching for the future.


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