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Where are Non-Destructive Edits Saved (when not using SideCar)



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You have a misunderstanding. .onphoto files contain the raw data that came from the individual files used to create them whether that is from Layers, or using one of the HDR or Panorama tools.

    Regardless of the file type for the image being edited, those edits are stored in the .on1 sidecar files when they are being used (I highly recommend leaving that option turned on!) and in an internal database. If you ever have to Reset the program for any reason that database will be wiped out and you will loose all your edits unless you have a backup you know has not become corrupted which required the Reset in the first place.

    That database in in your ~/Library/Application Support/ON1 folder.That folder holds the user data for all your ON1 products. The actual database is scattered across multiple folders inside the particular program's folder from what I can tell. They are encrypted so we can't open them.

  • Douglas Lankford

    Many Thanks Brian.

    Understood on the .onphoto file, and I see the value of the sidecar in the event of the database getting corrupted.

    And finally, I do now see the various on1 files in the application support file (I had to look into those for the User (not the general computer).  That database is looking complex, so the sidecar seem sensible.

    All the best.


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