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On1 RAW 2023.5 'thinks' Portrait oriented iPhone RAW phots are in Landscape orientation when trying to edit



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    A quick search through the forums would show that there are posts about this as far back as 2020 (on the first page). There is no solution that I know of, so your best bet is to contact ON1 support and let them know about it.

  • Donald Atkinson

    I've already sent info to ON1 support; the ON1 log and a screen video. I also sent material to Brian Lawson.

    BTW, I searched the forum but couldn't find anything. Perhaps I wasn't using the proper search phrases to get the discussions to show up.


  • Donald Atkinson

    Hi Rick,

    I found this comment of yours from 2 years ago 

    "Not sure if this will matter but...

    Can you guys check the actual size of the photo against what On1 says it is?
    I see a similar problem when sending a photo to gigapixel, on return the image is displayed just like this because the dimensions changed but On1 didn't re-read the exif to get the new values. To fix it, I have to read metadata from the returned photo and then it will display properly."

    I tried the 'Read Metadata from Photo' idea and that seems to have resolved the issue.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • Lawrence Duhon

    How do you set it to "Read Metadata from Photo"?

  • Donald Atkinson

    When in the browse section click on the photo then go to the Photo part of the menu and look there. It’s near then bottom.

  • Andreas Rummler

    That's a long-running issue I complained about with Tech Support several times. Obviously that's very low on their priority list. It causes me not to use it On1 because it's tedious to run through all my pictures one by one to correct the orientation.

    I own 2022 and that version seems to work for jpgs, but not for heics. It works for raw files coming from a Canon EOS 5D3, but does not work for raw files from a Panasonic G9. In v2022 a part of my landscape oriented photos are shown upside down. The same was true for v2023.1. I tested v2023.5 over the weekend and the situation got even worse, now the orientation seems completely random, photos in portrait and in landscape are affected. And to make my life even more complicated, rotating those photos manually does also not work any longer reliably: it's possible to select 10 images and rotate them, but the operation only affects a part of those 10 images. That's why I needed to deselect all and then select the 2 or 3 images which were left untouched and rotate them again.

    And by the way: "read metadata from photo" has no effect for me.

  • W H

    I have this trouble with some Panasonic FZ200 Raw files.  I was going just trying to understand what the AI super select was doing (giving me crazy results) until it occurred to me that On1 thinks it is in a different orientation.   I did as much editing as I could, then exported it as a 16 bit tif.  The tif then has the correct orientation, and I could do the cropping, rotating, masking etc.



  • James Loadholt

    My heics images also consistently display in browse in the wrong orientation. It's making this program nearly unusable. On my system the effort to correct the orientation is filled with additional frustration as they don't always rotate, can't be done in batches and sometimes are rotated in edit mode but not in browse.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Photos can be rotated in batches. You must be in the Thumbnail (grid) View to do it though. When you are in Image View commands work on just the photo being viewed. In Thumbnail View what you do happens to all of the selected images.


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