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ON1 2023.1 reproducibly stalls while browsing in "near full screen" window



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm running a 15GB 1st gen M1 mini and I am not experiencing the problems you've described.

    What happens if you disable Raycast? How does Photo RAW respond then? I suspect there is a conflict between the 2 programs both trying to manage your screen at the same time.

    Photo RAW could be not responding because it cannot get the CPU/GPU as needed. Have you taken a look at Activity Monitor's CPU tab to see what is using all the resources and tying up the machine?

    Are you aware that you can fill the screen but not the Menu Bar by Option-clicking the Green widget? If I understand you correctly, this is what you are using Raycast for. If that is all you may not need it. Or, assuming there is a conflict you may be able to turn off that feature while running Photo RAW to avoid the conflict.

    Before blaming any one program you need to do more research to identify the actual culprit.

  • Olaf Fiedler

    Hallo Brian,

    thank you very much for promptly responding to this post, and first of all I'd like to clarify that 'blaming' anyone or anything was not my intention. I jest wanted to share observations which might hinder the work of others in a similar manner as well as I have experienced, and even so share the way I have discovered to work around the symptom.

    Following your suggestions I triggered the covering of the desktop by option-clicking the green window button, and the result is ON1 stalling again. The acitivity monitor then reports a CPU consumption of 102.2 % at minimum up to 103 dot something. It uses memory starting with 430 MBs and then 1 MB more about every 3 sec's. After de-activating Raycast (which I use for far more than window management and therefore is part of my daily setup) the behavior stays the same, including the normal one when resizing the window to lower dimensions or using "true" full-screen.

    BTW: the directory which I use for this test case just contains nine JPG pictures and one empty subfolder.

    Being a long-time software developer and architect nowadays (which is my main profession) the erroneous behavior shown "smells" like a infinite loop of some kind, but that's pure guessing. With shrinking times to market to keep up with the competition bugs like this happen more often to every software and their number will rise in the future.

    Now i could do even more testing with the internal display instead of the external EIZO I'm using, with the browser as the main memory hog turned off, and more to put my system into a state where the bug wont't show up, etc. But for now, I and others, potentially having the same troubles, know how to avoid this kind of stalls, and I can leave it this way until some of ON1's developers will have time to pay attention to it, because I'm just the customer of the product and as such the "culprit" is the component which stops working.



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