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can not auto find faces.



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    How long does it spin? It takes a long time for me too, but eventually finds something.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It took about 25 seconds to identify 2 faces in the image I just tested with. I'm on an M1 Mini w/16GB or RAM.

  • David Orlando

    On my machine it always seems to find the face(s) very quickly.  The problem I have is it quite often it doesn't detect the mouth, even in a full head shot with a broad smile.  Since it hasn't masked the mouth it will then apply any overall face/smoothing/retouching settings including the mouth and teeth area.  I check every time now to make sure it detected the mouth, otherwise I have to delete the detected face and add face/eyes/mouth manually.  I filed a bug report and basically got a response along the lines of "yes, mouth detection doesn't always work".

    Be aware that when you manually add the face masking, including eyes, if you then try to use the "Dark Circles" slider it will lighten ABOVE the eyes. I recall Rick also verified this behavior when I found it.  It works correcly on auto-generated masks, lightening below the eyes, but not the manual generated mask.  Also reported this bug a while ago, and the bug report was closed, but I checked recently and the bug is still there.

  • Richard Berke

    Finding faces sure seems to be a struggle, even when only a single face is present, even when it's full on (not partial to the side.)   40-60 seconds is what I usually encounter.

    Perhaps it would be an easier operation if the software could accept a broad selection of an initial region (such as with keep/drop masking), and then have the engine only have to look within there.


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