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ZenDesk Authorisatoion




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The company does not write the Zendesk code used for this site. It is a service they pay for.

    Whatever is going on is unique to your computer. I remain logged in for about a day and a half before I have to log back in and I don't recall ever seeing any robot checkers. I just logged in again about a half an hour ago and wasn't presented with that.

    Have you tried clearing your web browser's cache or using a different browser?

  • Keith Reeder

    It's clearly a problem at your end, Laurie - I don't experience what you describe either: like Brian, I can go a couple of days before needing to log back in, and I never see robot checking dialogues. 

  • Laurie Bartlett

    Guys, thanks for the feedback. did respond earlier but not sure whats happened to my comment

    Only ever occured when I was logging in and accessing pages for the first time. And like you this was unknown and was co-incidental to updating to 2023.5. My original thoughts were a new security thing especially due to upcoming App Manager. As suggested-it appears to be a MyEnd issue. Appears to be a Safari issue (hopefully just me :) ) as I reinstalled Firefox and all seemed OK. just a quick flash while accessing ON1 login page but nothing intrusive.

    Thank you Brian Kieth for your suggestion and notes


    Take care and stay safe



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