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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Did you have a question for us?

  • Keith Reeder

    "Photos from Samsung phone"

    ...are just about good enough for FaceBook? 

    (Ooh, that comment caused a lot of defensive, petulant, downvoty butthurt, didn't it? I was kidding, just trying to imagine what the rest of "Frank's" message might be..!)

    What are the odds that "Frank" comes back and edits the post to include some link spam? Happens all the time on Capture One's Zendesk, because it's a spammer's paradise: no way to flag spam posts, and no way to block spammer users...


  • Arbie

    Suggesting that another user is a potential spammer with no supportive evidence is not the kind of language to which we are accustomed in this community. One might also note that Frank has been a member of this community, albeit not active, since Feb 2022, an unlikely profile for a potential spammer. Irrespective of whether or not your attempt at humour at Frank's expense merited one or more downvotes, the subsequent reaction most certainly did. Frank opened a post but for some reason neither posted his question nor deleted the incomplete post. The moderator addressed this courteously and directly. 



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