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Persistence of viewing modes in ON1 Photo RAW




  • Claude PATRIGEON

    I don’t have the first one, it works as intended but I am on Windows.

    The second one annoyed me and I send a feedback to the support. To do this, in the help menu, you have : provide feedback

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    1)  I'm correcting my original comment. Filmstrip stays selected for me. If yours isn't working, contact ON1 support.

    2) this was reported to ON1 as a bug. Edit always opens to the INFO tab. No need to send a feature request for this as it should be fixed... eventually.

  • Greg Dunn

    Well, that's good to know!  I'll contact support.  Really Photo RAW is a great piece of software, it just needs some UI polishing and small optimizations to be the very best.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The Filmstrip automatically turns off whenever you return to the Browser's Thumbnail (Grid) mode. After all, if you're already viewing thumbnails, why do you need another strip showing the same thing? 

    If you are in Photo View (single image view) when you return to the Browser, the Filmstrip state will remain as it was when you entered the Editor. If the Filmstrip was visible when you started editing, it should still be visible when you return to the Browser. If it was closed, it will remain closed.

    On my system, even when I start with the Filmstrip open in the Browser, go to the Editor, then close the Filmstrip it will still be visible when I return to the Browser.

    I think it is a mistake calling it the Filmstrip View. Either it is visible or it is not and that is true independently for both the Editor and the Browser.

    BTW, leaving it open during editing will impact the program's performance as it now has 2 copies of the image you are working on to render while you are making your edits – the main one you are working on and the smaller filmstrip thumbnail. I keep it closed until I need it then I open it by pressing the F hotkey. Much faster and easier than mousing around all over the screen.

  • Greg Dunn

    Sorry for the original duplicate thread - the forum gave me an error when I originally tried to post, and the thread did not show up until after I posted the duplicate.  Looks like it's gone now.

    I have sent ON1 support a request for the Filmstrip issue.  Oddly, when I restarted the program after trying to correct another issue, it is now behaving correctly (it has never exhibited persistence until just now).  I will monitor it and see if the problem recurs after more restarts and other editing processes.

    As for speed, it's not a real issue here once I set the video card slider sufficiently low.  I get satisfactory rendering and quick photo selection.  The biggest reason I have the filmstrip handy is when I want to jump over multiple photos I don't need to change the view from Filmstrip to thumbnail and back.  Having the persistence behave correctly will be entirely satisfactory and actually minimizes my interaction with the UI.


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