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AI keywords, find faces, age and gender and create virtual collections



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    While Keyword AI can identify photos with faces in them and estimate the age and gender of those people, it cannot identify individual faces to know who that person is. You would have to use Advanced Search to find all faces photos then identify the individuals yourself.

  • Lindsay Parker

    I thought I had found a workaround to the missing feature of face ID in the ON1 cataloguing tools.  I installed the free version of Mylio and used it tag all my people photos to create collections for each person.  I then used 'select all' in the collections to add metadata keywords for each individual, assuming the sidecar xmp files created in Mylio would sit within my original folder structure and be readable within On1.

    Well the Mylio side of the exercise worked brilliantly, a very simple process to create my people library and add keywords.  However, it turns out that the individual xmp files are not saved to the original picture file locations, in fact I can't find them anywhere, they seem to locked up somewhere within the internal Mylio library information unless you create a separate export file individually for each picture file.

    Has anyone found a way to get On1 and Mylio to play well together, or found another way to combine On1 with a good face ID program?

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    The whole point of XMP is to be compatible with other programs. I don't have the user guide. I took a quick peek at the Mylio  website and it looks to me that the XMP files should be there You need to do some investigating, maybe ask in a Mylio forum about it.


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