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Use of ON1RAW when Keyword apparently active



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Are you referring to two different programs? If you need to use Photo Raw, just shut Keyword AI down. You can start it again later to let it finish.

    It took me 3 days to scan 23000+ photos with Keyword AI and I have a fast PC.

  • Keith Neff

    Bill, welcome to the club.  You will probably also have the problem when you try to shut it down it will say it is doing background tasks, if you then quit it will keep running in the background and you will need to force quit the app.

    There is a ticket on this bug and support says they have been able to replicate it and a fix should be in the next release.

  • Bill Hercus

    Thanks for that.  I too have a reasonably fast CPU and 32GB of RAM and 11,000 images but Keyword is still active using about 12% CPU although all keywording has supposedly finished.

    Seems strange.  Hopefully the update will sort.


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