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AI keywords in Metadata



  • Martin de Jong

    I ran into it as well. When I switched to another language there were way more keywords then in English. I entered a bug report and it appears to have to do something with the AI engine.
    ON1 is working on it.

  • Keith Reeder

    "I doesn't seem like the AI is very intelligent or well developed."

    How well developed can you legitimately expect the very first live iteration of the functionality to be, Chris?

  • Chris Roberts

    Well I think that if a company develops a product and markets for sale showing certain abilities, it should at least do what has been shown.  As mentioned, all the results I have seen are vivid, low key, etc.  Ground, rocks, people. chair, car would be nice start.

    Hopefully the engineers will find out why it is not performing as intended.

  • Stuart Schaefer

    I agree with most of your posting here. I have found the Keyword AI almost useless. It would add keywords that has nothing to do with the image. Like floor with a beach photo with a Bech fence. Just about every photo is puts low key. They did have one update since first released but I did not really see any changes. It also very slow. As of now I am just not going to use it as I spend to much time deleting keywords that have nothing to do with the image. Hopefully down the road ON1 Keyword AI will improve. Cheers!


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