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2023 I have to run as administrator



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I'm on Win 11 and not having those issues.

    Any chance you still have remnants of a previous installation? I think it would be a good plan to start with a clean slate and wipe everything as you said, then start over.

  • Carl Traub

    If there are separate settings files for the different users, maybe try deleting the settings file when starting as a non-admin user.

    In the past, I've accidentally installed the main version under one user type and then a minor upgrade as the other.  I did not have the startup problem that you are seeing.

    [Because of the double install, I did have an issue where 2 versions of the same app appeared to be installed. But trying to uninstall both resulted in the failure of the second because it didn't really exist.  They had pointed at the same physical location, and the first uninstall removed everything. Support wasn't able to provide any guidance on that issue.  I had to manually remove the registry keys to get the extra entries out the Programs settings.  ]


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