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Migrating catalog to NAS


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    A Catalog is just a database containing information about the images inside the folders you've told the program to create them for. It does not live in the same place as your photos. It does point to them however so moving from one NAS to another could be somewhat problematic.

    If your new Synology drive has the same name and the photos are in the same file path as they are on the Drobos, all you have to do is replace one drive with the other. This means copying everything in the Finder with Photo RAW shut down. Do the copy, disconnect the old drive, rename the new drive to match the old drive's name and hook it up and you should be back in business.

    If you are planning on keeping both drives and giving the new drive a new name, after copying everything across (I would stick with the Finder for this but you could do it within Photo RAW, it'll probably take longer though) you'll have to delete your current Catalogs and create new ones for the folders on the new drive.


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