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Signing your photo




  • Ray Miles

    There is an On1 video entitled "How to Create a Custom Watermark". Links here get the post removed but a quick browser search will find it.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Ray, you shouldn't have a problems with links to the ON1 stuff. It is Facebook links that get blocked for me.

    David, here is the link to the video Ray mentioned.

    How to Create a Custom Watermark

  • Keith Reeder

    "Is this advisable?"

    Why would it not be, David? What's on your mind here?

    Are you actually talking about applying a watermark, or some kind of digital signing?

    I will say say that ON1's approach to "custom" (image-based) watermarks isn't great: if you apply any output sharpening at the Export stage, the watermark gets sharpened too (unlike similar functionality in any other RAW converters I've used - and I've used most) which can be more than enough to turn the watermark into an unusable, overworked mess.

    When we create (say) a PNG file to use as a watermark, we create something that is already appropriately sharpened (or not - it's generally not necessary) in it's own right: to then apply additional - utterly unwanted - output sharpening to it is wrong-headed and - in my case at least - renders either the watermark tool, or output sharpening, completely unusable. 



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