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NoNoise Tab missing



  • Keith Neff

    Dave I have seen this a few times also, in my case restarting the program or a reboot usually did the trick.  I have not had this happen since I upgraded my laptop so it could have been related to the older Nvidia 1050 video card or CPU.

    Best of luck!



  • David collerton

    Thanks for the info Keith.

    I downloaded and installed ON1 again and when it started up, there it was, back as normal. I then shut down and went out with the grand-kids for a while and on starting up again, the Noise & Sharpening tab is missing again!! Interestingly I do have an old GPU but ON1 has been running fine on it and nothing else has changed to my knowledge. It's bloody annoying as I use ON1 commercially as I need to refine the images for my client. 

    I'll raise it with support but the help and advice I have received in the past has been a little lacklustre. Fingers crossed this time.

    Take care


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Is it possible you had a Windows update that rolled back your video card drivers? I would check those first.

  • Barb Harvill

    I have had this happening for a while along with failure to save edits.  Lost edits on several photos before I realized the failure to save correctly seemed to be related to missing noise and sharpening tab. I will no longer go forward with editing if the tab is missing.

    Two clues: Missing noise and sharpening tab and your image named as 'Layer' instead of the image name are initial clues that it is not opening correctly. If it doesn't open correctly then there is a chance your work will not be saved.  I do not proceed if the noise and sharpening tab and name are not correct. 

    This seems to happen on initial opening.

    It doesn't seem to make a difference if you click 'done' or just go back to browse after editing.  I have lost edits both ways.

    All of my 128 drivers are current. (I use Avast driver updater)

    Windows is current

    Configuration of video driver is correct.

    intel i9-9900, 32GB RAM, 64bit os Windows 10, VRAM 8GB

    I have been able to get the noise & sharpening tab back by closing out ON1 and rebooting. Usually when I reopen the image the noise & sharpening tab is there. 

    Unfortunately today I have done all of this and still have missing noise & sharpening tab on my image.  I do have correctly named layers but can't get noise & sharpening tab.  

    I have previously reported this to support and they do not have a resolution.  But they say they are working on it. 

    I am going to have to reinstall ON1 to see if that fixes the problem.  

    ON1 this is an ongoing problem and when it loses your edits - it's more than the nuisance of missing the Noise & Sharpening tab.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Barbara, you know the company doesn't read these Forums, right? Just an FYI.

  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    I get this now and again, usually because I inadvertently closed PR while in edit mode. Going to browse (open a photo in browse just to make sure) and restarting PR brings the tab back with no need to re-boot.

  • David collerton

    I fixed it well, for the time being, by opening On1 while holding down the Shift key and then deleting the catalog (2nd option). Don't reset On1, that'll probably cause a heap of pain. So far it's all working OK but I'll report back if it breaks again.


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