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Develop vs Tone Enhancer




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Gerald, there isn't any one here who knows the answer to those questions. I'm sure the answer you'll get from support, who you should ask anyhow, is that that's the way the program was designed. There is a Midtones slider in the Local Adjustments.

  • Keith Reeder

    " I would have expected they do the same"

    Not sure that's a logical assumption. If they did exactly the same thing in exactly the same way they'd be the same tool, and there's no sense or value in that.

    I think this is a bit like Saturation vs. Vibrance: they impact on the same characteristics of the image, but they don't replicate one another functionally - even if it is possible to use them to get a similar end result.

  • Gerald Uhlhaas

    Thank you for your feedbacks. I will give a try with the support team. I am just asking as I was not able to find something on the handbook or other videos. It’s a matter of understanding and know what to do with what tool with good reasons. The tonality of the shadows is to my opinion more isolated with the Tone Enhancer tool. Kind regards Gerald

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    My advice is to experiment. Learn how they are different so you can apply that to your own workflow needs. I use them interchangeably as fits my needs at the moment.


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