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Need to create a Triptych




  • Volker Gottwald


    use Layers!

    - Edit and Crop the three photos you want to use to build the triptych to the final (identical) size and aspect ratio (e.g. width 2,000 pixels and height 3,000 pixels)

    - Export the edited photos to jpg (or better DNG) with identical size of 2,000 x 3,000 pixels. 

    - Create a new canvas with the aspect ratio needed for your triptych (e.g. width 6,000 pixels (3 x 2,000) and height 3,000 pixels)

    - Add a color fill layer to the canvas by clicking on the respective icon. The color of the color fill serves as border for the photos on the canvas. Alternatively, you could also already add a border in edit before exporting in step 2 and would not need the color fill.

    - While this empty canvas is open, click on the plus icon in layers and select your exported files (jpg or dng, with or without border) and add the three files as separate layers.

    - Select each layer and position the file using the transform tool as desired on the canvas

    - (Optional) Create a new stamped layer combining the four layers to one and apply additional edits as needed

    - Export the triptych to jpg or what ever file type requested.

    ON1 PR is not the best tool to achieve something like this, but it works. I use Xara Designer Pro for this kind of work. 

  • Richard Porter

    Thanks  Volker



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