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On1 Plus Opinions



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Training is what Plus is all about. Yes, there are in-depth training videos that go way beyond the introductory stuff seen on YouTube. They cover more than just using the program to edit your photos too. How to take the pictures that they will be editing and things like that.

    There are also the free LUTs, Presets, and other Extras. You also have some limited direct access to the staff at ON1 through the Plus Forums.

    Is it worthwhile? I think it will depend upon your current level of experience with the program. There's always more to learn but if you're pretty proficient in both shooting and editing you may find it less useful.

  • Keith Neff

    Hey Brian, thanks for info.  After a year, I'm nowhere near an expert with On1.  There are so many ways to accomplish results that it's tempting to just do things the same way all time which might not be the most efficient or effective.

    I try to watch all of the webinars and find that I learn something new from each one so, access to the training materials would be an advantage.  And you point about learning to take better pictures is a good one, as all the tweaking in the world won't make a poor shot into a fantastic one.


  • noni engstrom

    Confused by alternatives.
    I have On1 PR 2023 with On1Plus.
    Do I need to upgrade both the stand alone (2023) and On1 Plus?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Noni,

    ON1 Plus is a subscription service to additional training materials and some additional freebies from the company periodically. Whether or not to continue with the Plus subscription is up to you and how valuable a resource you find it to be. It is separate from the software even though you may be renewing the subscription at the same time as the new Upgrade is being released.

    You have to option of getting one or the other or both.


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