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NoNoise filmstrip layers not showing up when reselecting image



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes, this is expected behavior. Photo RAW's file format for Layered images has the .onphoto extension. A new one will be created when a 2nd Layer is added to a photo.

    You can use the Settings > Save Settings command to save the edits before adding the new Layer. This will ensure that the original image file will contain whatever edits you've made including NoNoise AI or Tack Sharp AI. Those will be also carried over to the new .onphoto file as you've seen.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Sorry, I forgot the 2nd part to your post. You must export the .onphoto file. If you take a look at that folder in the Finder you'll see that the original RAW file, the new .onphoto file, and the .on1 file all share the same file name. The edits for both image files are stored in the same .on1 file but the program will export which ever image has been selected in the Browser.

    If you're interested, the .on1 files are XML files and you can open and view their contents in any text editor. Most of the editing data is stored in binary format so it looks like gibberish but you can see the metadata and which image files it holds data for.

  • Johan Smith


    Thanks for the quick answer I am not sure I am following your explanation though.

    Let me get down to just the issue itself. (the sync part all seems to be ok it was just for reference) 
    So first this all happening only in NoNoise.
    1) Load in a set of images

    2) Select image A and create a layer and make some masking changes

    3) Select image B 
    4) Select image A again
    What I am seeing is that the layer info is gone and I just get the default settings only.  That is the simplified question, where did those layer edits go so I could make an additional ajustment?

    When I tried the "Save Settings" in No Noise after 2) no new files were created/updated in Finder
    I only saw the .onphoto and .on1 files get created for A when I did 3) 
    I did open the.on1 file in sublime but I didn't see the new layer name in the file so I wasn't sure if the layer info was being written out to that file or not.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    1) So far, so good…

    2) Ditto

    3) Here is where you are getting lost. What the program does when you move to image B is to save the settings for the new Layered image A.onphoto file. The .on1 file is updated but only for the .onphoto version of the image.

    4) You're back to your original, unedited image A because all the edits you made previously are now in the image A.onphoto file only. This is the file you should be going back to because it is the one which contains ALL your edits.

    The only time Save Settings will create a new file is if you are still in the editor with your first set of edits. You have not gone back to the Browser nor have you moved to a new photo which will also save the settings automatically creating the .on1 sidecar file.

    If you start with a brand new file which does not already have a .on1 sidecar file, make some edits WITHOUT creating any new Layers, then use the Save Settings command you should see the .on1 file get made unless the program creates is when you start the editing. I haven't actually watched the Finder folder contents to see exactly when that file gets made. Mine all have sidecars before I start eating because I make metadata changes which are writing directly to the .on1 file. It exists before I start editing or have the chance to Save Settings.

  • Johan Smith

    That is the answer I was looking for, Thanks so much.
    I was under the impression the sidecar .on1 file as associated to the raw file.  
    Yes I already had sidecar files too because of the global sync that I across them all.

    My only wish then would I could drag the onphoto into No Noise w/o having to restart the app if I need to go back and change a previous edit.  Guess I could add that as an improvement support ticket if there is not one there already.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You should be able to just use the Open command.

    I'm a little confused about exactly which program it is you are using. You mentioned the Filmstrip view but ON1 NoNoise 2023 does not have a Filmstrip view. ON1 Photo RAW 2023 does and it has the NoNoise AI feature built it.

    How exactly are you moving from one photo to the next and which program are you using?

    As far as the sidecar file association, it can be associated with any type of image file RAW or others. .onphoto is ON1's RAW format for Layered images.

  • Johan Smith

    This is all in No Noise.
    I was using the Filmstrip nomenclature as described in the No Noise User Guide. 

    "Processing multiple images in standalone mode" section on page 27 states "In this mode, a filmstrip view is presented at the bottom of the main window, containing all of the images that are open."

    Which is what I am seeing and doing so I can work on multiple images at once.    In Finder I just select 10 raw files and right click to "Open With -> On1 No Noise AI 2023". 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    OK, I see what's going on now. I don't use NoNoise very much as I have it inside Photo RAW so I'm not all the familiar with it, sorry. That is the right terminology. In PR it is a view option and can be turned off or on.

    The reason you're not seeing the .onphoto in the Filmstrip is it gets populated by the photos you originally opened together. The program doesn't allow for new images to be added to the opened set unfortunately.


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