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Problems with reading GPS coordinates from cell phone's jpg files




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    That cell phone is not supported by Photo RAW as either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 camera so it could have trouble with some of the metadata.

    Can you share one of your photos for me to look at please? Post it to a web sharing site like Dropbox or WeTransfer then post the download link here.

  • Vagn Petersen

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for responding to my post :)

    I am just using my cell phone's camera as a sort of back-up in case I didn't catch the picture with either my Sony a6000 or my Nikon, but I still have some pictures I would like to place the right spot according to the GPS data.

    I am posting  a link to Google Drive and I hope you can access the pictures. The first picture is the original one out of the the OnePlus Nord. The second one is from DXO PhotoLab 6 (which doesn't have any problems to read the GPS data) and the last picture is from ON1 Photo RAW 2023, which seems to screw up the GPS data.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm not sure where those other programs are getting all that decimal precision from, it isn't in the actual GPS metadata in your image file.

    GPS Altitude                    : 51.9 m Above Sea Level
    GPS Latitude                   : 55 deg 46' 23.86" N
    GPS Longitude                : 12 deg 28' 17.56" E
    GPS Position                   : 55 deg 46' 23.86" N, 12 deg 28' 17.56" E

    That being said, Photo RAW is definitely not interpreting what is there correctly.

    This is what I see from an HEIC file from my iPhone:

    GPS Altitude                    : 1025.2 m Above Sea Level
    GPS Latitude                    : 37 deg 12' 21.87" N
    GPS Longitude                 : 113 deg 41' 39.14" W
    GPS Position                    : 37 deg 12' 21.87" N, 113 deg 41' 39.14" W

    All I can tell you is to contact tech support. I'm sure their first response is going to along the lines of, "your camera isn't supported" but don't accept that for an answer. Obviously the program is recognizing the file, after all a jpeg is a jpeg pretty much, and it is reading the data, it just isn't handling it properly.

    How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support

  • Vagn Petersen

    Thank you for spending time helping me.

    I think the problem may be associated with the format of the GPS data. ON1 expect the data to be in the DMS format, while the OnePlus is storing data in the decimal format?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I used ExifTool to extract the GPS data directly from the 2 image files and you can see they are in identical formats. I don't think that is the problem. As I recall, I have pasted both formats into the Location field in Photo RAW for my CR2 files which do not have any GPS info.


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