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  • Vinny Giannino


    The 4060 seems to be about $70 US more for the 8 Gb version and it's newer. I couldn't locate a 16 Gb 3050 on the internet so can't compare pricing. The 16 Gb 4060 is running about $440 to $500 on Newegg. A 16 Gb 3060 is about the same price as an 8 Gb 4060. I think gaming benchmarks are the only thing we can go by performance wise. There is a custom computer manufacturer, Puget Systems, that sometimes posts a review but it's usually for Adobe products for photography.

    It's easy to spend other people's money :-) but I believe in getting as much memory in the video card these days. Is a slightly older card good enough so your not paying $500 for a 4060 16 Gb video card? If you are planning on upgrading to RAW 2024 it may be worth it to see how it runs on your setup before you buy. Running more memory should help with the slowdown that sometimes happens in the program IMO. I am running an AMD system and have the RX 580 with 8 Gb memory and it runs OK for my use which is probably totally different than your use (I do a single image at a time and not much layer work usually). I did notice an issue when my VRAM was set to 50% but not at 80%; a newer and faster GPU with more memory would probably make a big difference in speed as you are thinking.

    Since we are so close to the new product I would wait and see how it does on your computer. Also if you have an older GPU make sure your power supply can handle the new power requirements. Some (most?) of the newer GPUs have power going directly to them from the power supply where older, less powerful GPUs used the power from the motherboard only.

  • Michael Lucero

    My question relates to this one. I built a new desktop pc around the i7 13700K processor, 64Gb Ram, 1Tb m2 nvme boot, 1Tb m2 nvme scratch, 8Tb HDD storage, MSI Mag Z790 Tomahawk MB. The only thing I kept from the old machine to use was a RTX 2060 Super (8Gb) graphics card.

    The biggest complaint I have with this system is that brushes lag far behind when trying to clean up some masking issues, for example, on an image that already has several "heavy" filters being used (Dynamic Contrast) or some heavy dodging and burning.

    Often if I am zoomed in and trying to clean up a mask there is such a large delay that it becomes unusable as the brush all of a sudden "takes off" and tries to catch up to my mouse movements...serious lagging problems.

    I took a look at the performance tab in Task Manager and found that the GPU was maxing out to 100% when trying to move the brush with one of these images. The Vram useage never went beyond 6Gb, so I think it is safe to assume that an 8Gb gpu is enough for photo editing purposes even with gpu heavy On1 PR.

    My question is what gpu to eliminate this issue. Will a replacement from my 2060 Super to a 4060 eliminate me hitting that 100% gpu usage when using a brush zoomed in? What about the 4060 TI?? Added insurance? Would it be a waste of money to consider the 4070 for photo editing? Will the speed improvements in PR 2024 take care of this on its own??



  • Vinny Giannino

    This is stricky my opinion ...

    Before buying anything I would wait until RAW 2024 comes out to see how it works on your computer. Spending $80 for the program vs $400 or more for a video card makes sense to me if it does work better. ON1 has said that they have enhanced to speed of RAW in 2024.Also make sure you have the right settings in the preferences for the video card.

    But assuming it still is problematic my opinion again is more memory on the video card should help. It has always been the maximum usage of 80% video resources so an 8 Gb card can only give 6.4 Gb of memory to use. Getting a 12 Gb card should give a person 9 6 Gb of memory and a 16 Gb card about 12 Gb of memory to use. Combine that with a possible faster gpu and it should run better.

    Is it overkill or future proofing? Only you can decide how much money you want to spend on a video card. I'm running an older video card iwith 8 Gb ram and I thought about if I should upgrade but I'm not really having issues.


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