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Graphics Card Advice



  • Keith Neff

    Kevin, I recently went from a 1050 to a 4060 and the difference between them was astounding.  Brushes that used to stutter and lag are smooth and everything just flows.

    They have said that 2024 will not tax your hardware any more than 2023, if anything, there are enhancements that speed up things like loading images and brush performance.  The 3050 is a fine performer, but, it is a generation back so it's a tough decision.

  • james borrego resner

    For many years I would never go more than 2 generations of CPU/GPU without upgrading.

    That came to a crashing halt with the GPU crisis, i.e. crypto mining.  I refused to pay the ridiculous markups that video cards experienced and stuck with my 1080ti for nearly 6 years.

    With prices coming down, I decided to bite the bullet and thanks to the wonderful world of Amazon returns I "auditioned" The 4060ti (8GB), AMD 6700XT and 6800XT and finally the 4070.

    I really liked the AMD cards but they both suffered from coil "whine" and there was no way I could live with that - a real shame as performance vs price I felt they offered more than Nvidia but for whatever reason coil whine seems to be very common on radeon cards regardless of the manufacturer.

    I finally settled on the 4070 - it was a bit more than I wanted to spend but I felt it hit the sweet spot of price vs performance with a reasonable expectation of longevity.  The 4060ti 16GB hadn't been released when I did my testing but if you want to save a few $ then I'd look at that over the 8GB version.  Yes, NVIDIA is screwing you for the cost of the 8GB more RAM but Apple has been doing that to their customers for over a decade (RAM and storage) so it's nothing new.




  • David Goldberg

    I have the RTX 3060 and have been happy with ON1 performance.

  • Matt Dean

    reply to james borrego resner

    Just a suggestion, but the next time you get a GPU that has coil whine, the problem may actually be your PSU.

    4060ti = 160w power draw
    4070 = 200w
    RX 6700 xt = 230w
    RX 6800 xt = 300w
    I know 30 watts doesn't seem like much but it could be enough to cause the whine and I would suspect the RX 6800 xt was probably worse for you if it is the PSU.
    Just letting you know this because your next GPU could do the same, even if it's a Nvidia card, if you don't upgrade the PSU.

  • james borrego resner

    My previous card was a 1080ti; my PSU is a recent 850w Gold Corsair.  Only get coil whine from the AMD cards.  If the AMD cards are that picky about PSU's then it's another ding against them.

    I just experienced a second bad experience with AMD cards.  I have an MSI Aorus eGPU 2070 that I've used on my laptops for almost 5 years now.  Works fantastic and greatly improves all my editing programs, especially with all the AI coming into play.

    I decided to move that to my wife's setup since she's 100% laptop now and does a lot of image editing and some video.  I purchased a lightly used Razor Core X eGPU box and initially installed a 6700XT on it.

    Worked fine until I tried to use Lightroom and Photoshop.  Unlike the RTX 2070 box, they would not detect/utilize it - other programs would (ON1, Topaz, etc.).  Only way LR/PS could "see" the AMD card was to laptop disable the Intel ARC GPU on my laptop.  So to eliminate all variables I ordered a 4060ti 8GB version (not wanting to spend a ton of money on this project).  Removed the AMD and NVIDIA drivers, connected the Razor X with the Nvidia card and boom - everything worked perfectly, including LR/PS.

    I really want to support Nvidia but until they either catch up or provide a significant price vs performance benefit I'm back in the "check you in a few years camp" again.



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    "If the AMD cards are that picky about PSU's…" The video card doesn't know anything about the power supply. It only says give me this much current at that much voltage. Either the PSU can do that or it cannot. When they struggle to meet the demand they start whining about it.

  • james borrego resner

    Well if an 850 watt PSU isn't enough to drive a lower end card like the 6700 I'd hate to see what the 6800 series requires...

  • Michael T – Victoria, BC

    The GTX 1650S (2GB) on my PC struggles in 2023 and can't do anything near my Mac Studio (M1 Max 32GB) does.

    The articles I've been reading suggest that the RTX 4060 is a disappointingly small step up from the 3060, and to buy the 12GB 3060 (not the hamstrung 8GB models).

    I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte card (GV-N3060GAMING OC-12GD REV2.0) as a good price/performance combo. Also, a review from 2 years ago tested it favourably against an Asus premium card.

  • james borrego resner

    Michael T:

    the GTX 1650S with 2GB would be considered an entry level card - I have no knowledge on how Apple does GPU these days but I'm pretty sure that comparing the 2 is not a fair trial.

    That aside, what else would you use your PC for besides Image editing?  8GB GPU RAM should be plenty and most of the benchmarks I've seen that are not gaming centric don't show a big jump between generational GPUs and their RAM.

    For example, I have an RTX 2070 in an eGPU we use on our laptops.  I recently installed an RTX 4070 in my desktop - the CPU in my desktop is leagues above what is in our laptops but the image editing doesn't seem painfully slow on the laptop vs. desktop.

    Unless you plan on gaming on your PC (I do) I'd go for the RTX 4 series or AMD 7 series only because AI is becoming a bigger component in everything and the technology in the newer GPUs is more of a "future proof" IMHO opinion than an extra 4GB RAM.


  • Michael T – Victoria, BC

    james borrego resner:

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Yes, I knew the 1650S comparison with the Mac Studio wasn't fair. My Mac Studio is a work machine and I'm doing most of my photography (and now learning Painter 2023) on it. I would like my personal PC to be able to do my ON1 as well, and although I do a little gaming, the 1650S is more than up to a bit of solo WoW.

    I'm glad you mentioned AI as it and future-proofing were skittering around in the back of my mind – mostly ignored. It was the 12GB vs 8GB that was swaying me towards the 3060. I see the 8GB 4060 cards are just a little more (CAD) than the 12GB 3060 cards, so I'll give them a serious look.


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