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Backups - how big?




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    ON1's backups are just .zip files of your user data at C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ON1. 2023 backs up all the folders with 2023 in their names. This includes your Extras folder and the internal edits database. You can add .zip to the end of the .onbackup file and open it up with any zip manager program to inspect its contents and see both the compressed and uncompressed sizes.

    Here is the contents of the last backup I made.


  • Richard Berke

    Brian-  Thanks so much for that info.

    I was able to open the backup with my usual 7Zip application.

    It's immediately clear that the Extras 2023 make up the very largest portion.  That content apparently doesn't compress much at all.  Original size:  686.8 MB and Packed Sise:  627.0 MB.   That's 2/3rd of the total 917 MB backup size.

    Within the Extras 2023, Skies folder is  581.5 MB original and 574.7 MB Packet size.   Within that folder the Autumn Skies is 525.2 MB original and 522.2 MB Packed size.   Among those files are 10 JPG files which are each 20-25 MB.  The other 40 files range between 3-18 MB each.

    As with your folder list, ExploreService is big.  Mine is 1.067 GB original but it's highly compressible:  238.5 MB Packed Size.

    So... if I want a smaller backup size I have to consider how important to me the fancy skies are.  



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