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New Camera




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I can sympathize. We all want to play with our new toys. Unfortunately, ON1 does not have the resources to purchase or be given each new camera model before it is released so they can prepare for its release the way Adobe can. Adobe also gets support from the manufacturers that I'm not sure is available to ON1. It naturally takes them longer to get support for them added to the program.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    Steven, An alternative might be using the free dng converter and opening the converted files in On1. It's and extra step but you keep your workflow constant.

  • Steven Kurzrok

    I will try the DNG converter , but may licence Adobe if that doesnt work well. Not happy, but in the end, using the new camera and being able to use its new capabilities is important to me.

  • Steven Kurzrok

    Adobe DNG converter supports my just released G9II. Tech supports sys it would release support in .1 edition next year or perhaps earlier if they need to do an earlier patch. Workflow now need will be: convert to DNG, begin editing process.

    Not optimal. It seems that a company like On1 is a pretty significant player (adobe, DXo,Capture 1, Luminar, On1). A camera company like Nikon, Canon Panasonic could certainly want to help a companys efforts to support their cameras. Loaning them a camera or giving them the specs to allow support would be in their interest.


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