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When will On1 Photo Raw 2024 be released?




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It will be released when the company thinks it is ready to be released and not before. Do you want it released filled with bugs just to meet an arbitrary date? Or would you rather wait a little longer and have a program that works better?

  • Russell Webb

      Do you want it released filled with bugs just to meet an arbitrary date?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          NO, I just asked a question that probably a few people would have liked to have asked.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    And it gets asked nearly every other day and has been answered each and every time.

    "by now should surely be giving us a release date … and we are past the midway of October now."

    By 2 days. And, that is pushing.

    It is pointless to ask people who do not work for the company (or even those who do) about a release data the company has not yet announced. When they do everyone will know at the same time as there will be an email telling us it is ready.

    We (beta testers) just got the first Max release yesterday. So far it has crashed every time I've tried to use it. 

    I know we are all excited about the new features. I am too. Just be a little more patient an let the company get it finished. They will let us all know when they think it is ready.

  • Dennis Zito


    You sound a little touchy for someone who moderates the site comments.  We've all paid for this upgrade for over a month based on the the Fall Release.  To me and I'm sure many others, Fall means late September ... now we're into Mid October and not any reference to when it will be released.  So please, we don't need your touchy replies!  Just tell us what you know.  And by the way, just releasing the Beta yesterday is not a very good sign that it's making Fall!!  Maybe December!!

  • Richard

    Brian, as always much appreciate your frank and honest response. And your patience with our questions. Especially considering we’re but three and a half weeks into autumn, with more than two months to go before Fall 🍂gives way to winter ☃️

  • Carl Traub

    I have to back Brian on this one also. They aren't making pizzas. Software development is dynamic, and new issues can arise daily. "Fall" lasts for another 60 days. When they think it's ready, they'll release it.

    We should be glad that they have decided that it isn't ready for us to use.  That shows that they are focusing on quality rather than a date. I would much rather have them test it than me.

  • Dave Kelly

    As there are quite a few "sneak Peaks" still to be shown, I have a feeling that it will be several weeks or as Oleg Maddox used to say on the old Il-2 combat flight sim forum "2 weeks, be sure" and it was ALWAYS longer :)

  • Gianni Sarasso

    Fall time: September 21 > december 21 .......

  • Russell Webb

    Different for everyone.

    Meteorological Seasons


    Northern Hemisphere

    Spring: 1 March to 31 May
    Summer: 1 June to 31 August
    Autumn: 1 September to 30 November
    Winter: 1 December to 28 February

    Southern Hemisphere

    Spring: 1 September to 30 November
    Summer: 1 December to 28 February
    Autumn: 1 March to 31 May
    Winter: 1 June to 31 August

    Astronomical Seasons


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  • Steven Kurzrok

    Hopefully, the later release will both fix bugs as well as allow them to include some of the fall release cameras to be supported. Hate to need to wait for .1 release to get support for my new G9ii

  • John McAtee

    I would prefer to have a stable, rather than speedy, release.   Having to both learn the new layout and find bugs would distract from the new functionality. 

  • Robert Denney

    Russell, I have always rejected the Astronomical definition of the seasons and gone by what I only learned this year are the Meteorological Seasons.

    I thought I was the only one.

    Seeing this company preparing to release this exciting product reminds me of another software company that is working hard to iron out a multitude of bugs. This could apply to both the Cybertruck and Elon's FSD software. No more coding. They trashed it all and it's totally AI machine learning now. 11/30/23 for the truck.

  • David Ayars

    So we have a date... per an email from ON1:  November 2, 2023 for the next big version upgrade.

    If like me you are a permanent licensee rather than a subscriber and haven't already pulled the trigger and paid for this version upgrade in advance, Be Smart... Be Patient.

    Maybe it's worth ON1's hype and is stable and relatively bug-free. Maybe not. My ambivalence is not  because ON1 has disappointed me in the past. it's just that when it comes to developer-proclaimed "upgrades;" some prove to be better and worth the price, and some don't. I will keep my credit-card powder dry until early adapters offer feedback.

  • Russell Webb

     I will keep my credit-card powder dry until early updaters offer feedback?

    So you wait until others have spent there money so you don't risk your small amount toward keeping the company in a position to keep improving the software ?

    I no I asked the original question here but at least I have paid up to support them.


  • Dave Kelly

    Seems that I was very close with 2 weeks, be sure

  • Robert Denney


    The biggest advancement I see is the simplification 2024 brings. Brilliance AI is gonna shock the world.

    Average Joe can now learn to transform his images into stunning in 60 seconds.



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