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Why did you move the EXPORT?




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Turn on these two options.

    You're welcome.

  • Sandra Chung

    Hey, mega thanks. I kept looking, but didn't check under "Window". 


  • christophe ducrocq

    Redesign is sometimes good, sometimes not. Fortunately , the right panel is still accessible (and I keep looking for the edit button on the right side ... habits are hard to loose ;-)
    Putting all functions accessible on the same side is ok, but adding a click to access secondary menu/functions is not.
    Mouse overing to open submenu could be better in that case.Also, there is enough place on the left side to align all (or most) of the fonctions (or at least a selection of them, I personnaly don't use direct access to edit submodules like sky swap/portrait ...that I use directly while in Edit mode, but use panorama or layers quiteoften , and never use cloud sync).
    A good approach (to me, I don't pretend it is the same for all), would be to recreate customisable separe tool bars you can position wherever you want ( in preference menu for toolbar content setting and by sliding them on the GUI), to purge all that is not needed for each of us.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This is the wrong place for that type of feedback Christophe. While the company does keep an eye on these forums they do not act on suggestions made here nor do the engineers or support read them.

  • christophe ducrocq

    HI Brian,
    Just discussing here, many improvement are appeciated in this new version and I understand the complexity of product changes, even more complex with AI code they deal with. I understood the cleaner interface they wanted for the product ; Besides, I don't consider the previous version a mess in its interface, but adding extra clicks to reach submenus is not, to me, a good idea as it forces us to learn those super extra keyboard shotcuts like alt  shift ], one among 180 or so, which is unusable (for french keyboard it is AltGr + ] instead)...  unless you 're a pianist.
    In the meantime I 've created a feedback in support queue to request some more customisation on tool bars as described in my previous post, as it is provided by many other apps GUI.
    Thanks and have a good day.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    My point is that your request is going to be ignored. The company does not take feedback from here. You need to let them know directly. Submit a Request to tech support and/or Customer Service. Go to Photo RAW Project and post your suggestions there. That is where the company goes to hear our feedback on how to make changes to the program. Suggestions are open for everyone to read and vote on. If an idea gains enough support the company evaluates it for possible inclusion in a future release.

    However, I can tell you right now, the UI is not going to go backwards. They've invested way too much time and money and effort in the new UI to drop it now.

    Give it some time. It grows on you. Right now you're struggling because you don't know it. If you had no previous experience with the program you'd just learn it and get on with your work. I didn't like a lot of it at first either. I was spending too much time trying to find things, especially without a manual to help guide me. Now I know the interface and I've turned off again all the stuff they've given us to allow some of the older look. I like being able to hide the controls I don't need for the task I'm currently performing even if it means more clicks to expand things later when I need those controls. It also means less scrolling to gain access to long lists of controls and that is an even bigger time waster for me.

  • christophe ducrocq

    I agree with you Brian and thanks for your supportive comment.
    I created a feedback ticket for a few tweeks to add that could be helpful. It is not a complete UI change, and it is not my purpose to have it reverted to previous version.
     I follow ON1 since perfect photo v9 and switched from LR6 to ON1raw as my main photo app since then.
    I recognise / appreciate they also prepared us a lot to those changes, thanks to their announcement videos.


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