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How can I move files to another folder



  • christophe ducrocq

    In catalogued file, file is moving from one folder to another.
    If you change drive destination (in browse for instance) it will copy to the new drive location (at least on my PC/win configuration).

  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    Drag and drop is one thing that works for me (Windows 11), but I do wish they would give a warning before moving as I have at times inadvertently moved a folder and had quite a job finding it.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Felix, when you are moving the files are they staying on the same drive or are they being moved to a folder on a different drive? Dragging and dropping from one drive to another always copies the files to the new drive leaving the old files in place. This is an OS thing regardless of the program you are in.

  • Felix

    I have to contradict here.
    When I use the above mentioned dialouge I can move (Yes move, even though the dialogue says moving across drives would not work, it does work) photos from my Nextcloud-folder based on drive C to my photo library on drive E without any issues.
    Only when using drag and drop it does not work.


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