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To Catalogue or Not, That Is The Question?




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator
    1. If you want to be able to search your library beyond what is currently being shown in the Browser the answer is an unqualified yes. That's the only way to do it. The Catalog holds the indexes to all the photos and their metadata for searching outside the current Browse location.
    2. That's debatable. I have mine all in one but I don't have quite as many as you. Others have separate Catalogs for different folders. I think it depends upon your organizational structure. There are Knowledge Base articles you can look up about them.
    3. Yes. Finding things becomes much faster! 😁 There will be a hit on system performance while the Catalog is being built. Each and every photo has to be examined for its metadata then the image gets rendered for a finished Preview which is stored on the PerfectBrowseCache folder. This speeds future previewing and is another impact as it will continue to grow to be as large as needed for all the previews. It can be moved in Preferences > System > Browse Cache. I keep mine on an external, fast SSD connected with Thunderbolt 3. I have also moved the Scratch folder there. That's the primary purpose for that drive - putting the scratch space on a drive that no other programs are going to use. There are Knowledge Base articles about this as well.


  • Mike Hardisty

    Brian, thank you for the very helpful information


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