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Uninstalling v2023




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The uninstaller, whether you run it yourself or through the Application Manager, only removes the files needed to run the program. It does not touch your user data. This is so you can uninstall and reinstall as a troubleshooting tool and not loose your data.

    You can remove the 2023 data but I don't recommend deleting all of it. Should you have to reset 2024 for any reason it will not be able to migrate your 2023 data again and you'd have to manually reinstall Extras and recreate Catalogs and Albums, etc.

    There are pieces you can remove without loosing that stuff though. Inside the ~/Library/Application Support/ON1/ON1 Photo RAW 2023 folder you can get rid of PhotoSettingsCache. That's a biggie as it holds tiffs for all the masks you've created to speed loading the Previews. They can be rebuilt so not migrating them doesn't hurt. 

    In fact, you can get rid of most of the stuff in there. Here's what I would keep:

    • Common 2023 - This is a shared folder for all ON1 programs and holds color profiles and custom Crop sizes.
    • Extras 2023 - Also shared and self explanatory. This is one you definitely want migrated.
    • Inside ON1 Photo RAW 2023 definitely keep NDService. This is the main database for edits and possibly other things like keywords and albums. I don't know what all but it is a keeper.
    • Presets - Self explanatory

    Everything else can go.

  • Ray Miles

    Thanks. My Extras ( mostly my own skies)have migrated so I can delete those. The NDService in 2024 now equals 2023 in size, so can I assume that has migrated too?

    My 2022 folder is empty. and that has never been a problem when using 2023.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes, you can assume the NDService folder has been migrated but I still recommend leaving it in place for the reasons explained above. If you're tight on space, copy it to a backup drive or zip it up but keep it around just in case.


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