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Use Adobe DCP Files With On1 2024



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Thanks Russell. Adobe Bridge is another free program which contains Adobe Camera RAW which is where the .dcp profiles are coming from.

    If your system already has color profiles for your camera, the .dcp profiles should be identical to those. They are for my R5. I cannot tell any difference between the 2 sets and I don't even see a twitch in the Histogram when switching from one set to the other.

  • Greg Schumacher

    Russ great insight on the camera profile.

    The .dcp files and embedded camera profiles for newer cameras look to be identical.  My R6mkII functions the same as Brian's R5, no change.  On the other hand, with my older 70D and 5DmkIV there is a noticeable difference between the two profiles.  One can always try it and uninstall the program if not needed.


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