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Color correction and white balance




  • Richard Berke

    I see that Color Enhancer has the pull down White Balance list and the eye dropper we can use.  And of course we can mask if we want different treatment of background vs person/skin.

    I re-read the User Guide about 'Color Balance':  you can adjust colors of the highlights, midtones, shadows colors.  Each could be nudged differently if you need it that way.  You have to fumble around on your own, as there's nothing to help somewhat snap to neutral.

    I suppose the developers have thought 'Color Balance' should behave this way for a long while (multiple versions).  My thinking of 'balance' is different.

    I was able to change the background to be less green.  White Balance set to Tungsten, and then played with opacity of that effect.

  • David Goldberg

    I think the channel mixer will do what you need. Its used to fine tune color casts, which seems to be what you’re after, but it can be tricky to use


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